Crime Map of Macedonia
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Crime Map of Macedonia
Damjan Temelkovskilinkedin icon created this sistem as a part of his graduation thesis (mk) together with MSc Milos Jovanovik and under the mentorship of Prof. Dr Dimitar Trajanov. Also, a scientific paper on the subject was published at the CIIT conference in 2012, together with Prof. Dr Igor Mishkovski.
This website lets you explore the first interactive crime map of Macedonia. In the background the system reads data from the daily e-bulletins published on the official website of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which are written in natural language, then it analyses them and codes them on a map from Google Maps.

You can filter the events by the city in which they occurred, the type of event, the date as well as the day of the week when they occured. You can make further subsets by combining these parameters.

The MOI's e-bulletins are published every day and show a part of the events of the past day starting from 21/06/2011 up until today. Therefore, the system isn't a complete crime map, but it shows statistically valuable information. Apart from analysis of the crime patterns, this map can be used as a preventive measure to lower crime rates and stop crime in the country.

The data are already publicly available on the MOI's website, but still we remind you that any kind of misuse represents an act of crime. The privacy of the citizens is further guaranteed by the fact that the events aren't shown on the exact location, but in the middle of the street or village. Also there is a heat map version where the events are grouped.

The system is based on the idea of open data and that is why we share all the data in several formats.
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