Crime Map of Macedonia
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Crime Map of Macedonia
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System Details
The system consists of two parts:
1) analysis of the set of events and updating a database
2) showing the data on a map.

The data for the events is read automatically from the website of the Ministry of Interior and their daily e-bulletins. These events are published in an unstructured form and in a natural language, so the first part of the system analyses every event and writes it in a structured form in a database. Every event is analysed word-for-word until the first matching with a keyword, so the system can make a wrong inference if a city that is not the one where the crime happened is mentioned first etc. If you notice such an error please report it by clicking on the marker on the map, the data page or by filling the contact form. Also, because of the way the e-bulletins are published, events for entire days can be missed. If you notice an event in the e-bulletins, but not on the map, please report it. The location of the event on the map is not always the exact location of the crime, but usually the street published in the text by the police.

The database keeps data about the location and the type of crime for each event. The entire database can be downloaded from the data page in several formats and it can be used freely. The second part of the system shows the events on a map. Because of potential privacy issues, you can view a map with markers or a heat map. The home page shows the events from the last 30 days, but you can also see all the events and filter them based on different parameters, such as the city, the date etc.

The system is based on the idea for open data, so we made all the data for the events open and available and all ideas and advice you might have are very welcome. The server side of the system was made in PHP, the map is populated with JavaScript (and jQuery) and the database engine is mySQL.
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